What My Clients Are Saying

Here’s what some of my clients and editors have said about my work:

“Susan has gone above and beyond when working with us. She has spent significant time learning our business and the new solutions we’ve developed over the last several years. She consistently delivers outstanding content on time, and I rarely have comments or changes. Susan invests her time in learning more about our industry to develop the best content for us. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone or any company looking to develop high value content for your marketing and sales strategy.” 

Sara West
Director of Strategic Development,
Hire Velocity

“Susan has become an integral member of our team as a writer, content strategist, and social media marketing manager. She not only writes quality pieces, but also takes the time to study our industry and learn what our readers what to know. Susan has the tenacity to tackle any project we send her way and the technical know-how to get it done right. She has consistently proven to be a talented writer with the skills to produce polished, professional content marketing pieces. She is also easy to work with and is committed to our success. I highly recommend her.”

Carolyn Sokol
CompareHRIS.com and PEOCompare.com 

Susan – “We at Worthwhile have worked with Susan for a while now, and she has consistently proven that she will: 1) deliver what she promised on time and within the agreed specifications 2) do the research necessary to produce great content 3) ask the right questions to understand our business, our industry, and our messaging strategy 4) make it easy to work with her. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan to anyone looking for a content writer.” 

Robert Neely
Client Strategist,

“We have greatly appreciated Susan’s creative insights as an addition to our content strategy team. She is experienced, skilled, and can execute on ideas. Her writing has already helped to drive results for our clients and their marketing campaigns.” 

Justin Murphy
Principal and CEO,
Your Creative People 

As the owner and CEO of a growing Digital Marketing Agency, I know how important it is to work with copywriters who understand broader digital strategy, how to engage a target audience, and how to produce compelling content that moves consumers and businesses down the buyer’s journey. Susan is without question, one of our most reliable, quick, effective, organized, and capable writers – producing content to fuel our client’s content marketing efforts. I’d recommend Susan to anyone who is looking for such a partner. ” 

Josh Unfried
WindFarm Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan on our blog content strategy. Susan is extremely collaborative (it’s like we’ve been working together for years!) and she goes above and beyond to understand our business in order to develop the best content for us. She consistently delivers outstanding content on time, and we rarely have changes or comments. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone or any organization looking to develop high value content for their marketing strategy.” 

Melissa Meunier
Senior Marketing Manager,