Why Me?

The Internet is full of would-be copywriters. But you can’t afford to pay for someone else’s learning curve. You need a writer who already has the experience, knowledge, and proven track record to deliver high quality work on time, every time.  

As an avid student of digital marketing, I also have a deep knowledge of marketing theory and customer behavior that informs every piece of content I create. Here’s what sets me apart. 

I understand your industry.

Anybody can do a Google search and cobble together a few revelant points

about a topic. Thought leadership is a different story altogether. That’s why I make it a point to stay up to date on your industry by attending conferences, following major influencers, reading voraciously, and connecting with leaders in your field. 

I’m a copywriting veteran.

Sure, anybody can write, but it takes a special sort of magic to create truly outstanding stories and marketing pieces. My clients value my ability to capture their vision, communicate it effectively, and get all the nitty gritty details right the first time.   

I’ve been in the copywriting business for ten years, and my experience includes both agency clients and direct clients, which means I can work effectively in a variety of formats and project management styles. I’ve worked with national and international clients ranging from startups to major industry influencers, and I have the street cred to get the job done right. 

I understand customer psychology. 

Effective marketing is really about understanding human behavior. My background in psychology means I study what makes people tick, and I use that knowledge to create content that educates, persuades, and converts.

I don’t settle for anything less than your satisfaction.  

Got an opinion on the Oxford comma? APA style? A unique brand voice? I’ll make sure your copy reflects the culture, style, and tone of your company. My satisfaction guarantee means the copy isn’t done until you’re satisfied. To achieve that goal, I work with you through multiple rounds of revisions (although many of my clients rarely ask for them because I work hard to get it right the first time!)  

Want to see how I do it?

Check out my services page or take a look at some samples of my work.

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